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Head pain sufferer! Chronic, cluster, tension, icepick, migraine, sinister, tmj, sinusitis headache??
  • Understand how much your headaches are affecting you

  • Is stress contributing to your headache pain

  • Find out about coping strategies for head pain

  • Monitor your headaches over time online

  • The Short Pain Inventory (SPI©) is a psychological test available online

  • SPI© has been validated by the British Medical Profession

We can measure how much your headache affects you?

Head pain changes your mood and mood can also change your sensation of pain to a large effect. Have you ever hit your thumb with a hammer, shouted and said rude things? Within limits that is normal. We all do this because head pain and mood are very closely related.

This is the first site that can help you measure accurately how much your headaches are affecting you personally. We can tell you where you are in terms of your mood and where you are relative to other people. If you are irritable (angry), anxious, sad, tired or perhaps not thinking that clearly, we can measure this. We can give you some idea of how well you are coping with your head pain.

This is the only website in the world that is dedicated to testing how much your headache is affecting you today, right now. You can also monitor how much your headaches are affecting you over time. Your headache may be caused a variety of conditions including migraine, see headache types. We can tell you how much your headache is affecting you with a validated clinical test, Short Pain Inventory© (SPI©).

The SPI© has been validated in pain clinics, clinical trials, clinical audit and has been published in the worldwide medical literature. You can do the headache test online and we can provide you with feedback. Our unique test can tell you:

1) how stress may be contributing to your head pain.
2) how your headache pain is affecting your mood and well being.
3) how well you are coping with your head pain.

On this site you will find details about different types of headache, and details about how to measure your headaches.


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