UK Migra Cap Trial Summary

Thirty two Questionnaires were sent to those members of the Migraine Action Association that were selected for the trials.

8% were of the age group 0 – 19
31% “ 20 – 35
38% “ 36 – 50
19% “ 51 – 65
4% “ 66+

15% were Male and 85% Female – This would concur with research that 70% of Migraine sufferers are Women

The range of suffering varied between 4 and 60 years.

The length of attacks lasted from 1 hour to 1 week.

All triallers were on medication which ranged from mild to major forms.

65% suffered from totally debilitating headaches/migraine.

92% had tried cold therapy previously and found that it worked for them. 77% had used cold therapy in conjunction with medication and 73% found it was effective.

81% found Migra-Cap to be effective. 8% did not.

The length of time taken for improvements whilst using Migra-Cap was between 15 mins and 1 hour. Some found it to be of immediate relief. 69% found it to be effective in conjunction with medication depending on the severity of the attack. Whilst many of the triallers did not find Migra-Cap to reduce the number of attacks, improvements were significant. 62% found Migra-Cap to be more effective than other cold therapy application used/on the market. 8% did not.

81% reported no side affects using Migra-Cap, 4% did. The 4% was due to personal reasons.

Comments received:


  1. The Migra-Cap is very effective to endure these vicious headaches until their run their course.

    Thank you for the ‘Cap’. It is so much more effective than various other ways I have tried to apply cold therapy to the painful areas. The pads are placed in just the right places and the soothing effect is very helpful in my own case.

  2. I have found it to be a valuable contribution to limiting my Migraine attacks. It is particularly useful at the beginning or end of an attack when it brings considerable relief, sometimes even stopping a Migraine completely.

  3. I have found the Migra-Cap very helpful in keeping my head more comfortable during an attack. It is able to exclude the light and to completely envelope the whole head in coolness. I will certainly be happy to buy a second Migra-Cap to use both in tandem.

  4. The most relaxing method I’ve seen for Migraine. Not only did I find it a brilliant help for Migraine, but if you just have a slight headache or feeling a bit stressed, pop it on and you have an instant stress free zone.

  5. I believe that the Migra-Cap is well designed and would help to some extend. I have recommended the Cap to friends who suffer with Migraine. Many thanks.

  6. The Migra-Cap was a little too big for my head however it eased the ‘band’ of pain that encircles my head when I get a bad Migraine, very soothing.

  7. I was pregnant during some of the trial so it was reassuring to have something to use that would have no adverse affects. Overall I was impressed with the Migra-Cap and will be using it once the trials have finished. I did not find it too helpful after an hour so due to the Cap loosing its coolness.

  8. It was very cooling and soothing and more convenient than ice packs. Although it did not get ride of the cluster headaches, alone it did help with being soothing.

  9. The number of Migraines has significantly reduced as a result of changes in my medication and the effectiveness of the Migra-Cap has increased. Early use at the first sign of a headache has stopped many Migraines fully developing. Thank you for letting me try it.

  10. Coming out of a Migraine, Cap on and very soothing. Comfortable, great to exclude light particularly when travelling or not in own house. Slightly too large. Pressure and cold helpful for my pain. Thank you for allowing me to trial Cap. Excellent Product. Also have made use of it with my children (from fridge only) when they had high temperatures/flu.

  11. In all cases I got temporary relief with the Migra-Cap which I would consider valuable. It was useful in combination with drugs and enabled me to sleep more comfortably.

  12. The Cap was comfortable to wear. Effective in getting to the areas needed especially top head and forehead. Its drug free. Could do with 2 on some occasions. Felt happy I have the Cap to use when I needed something - help is at hand.

  13. I would just like to say a huge thank you for coming up with Migra-Cap. It is a godsend for me. As I won’t take medication the Migra-Cap is fabulous. I also use Lavender Oil on my temples before putting on the Cap. Its great. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  14. The exclusion of light by eye pieces was of significant benefit. I suffer from headaches due to Hayfever. Again the Migra-Cap was of great comfort.

  15. I found that after 30 minutes the Migra-Cap was no longer cold enough to provide relief. However after refreezing Migra-Cap and applying it I found relief again. I found it better than other cold relief products because it covered my entire head.

  16. Migra-Cap excellent in conjunction with medication because it effectively masked pain until medication kicked in. Used on it’s own found not to be too good. Masked the pain but when removed it had not impacted on Migraine. Very easy to use/maintain, comfortable to wear and also blocks out light at same time, so effective on two counts.

  17. Much more practical that other cold therapies.

  18. I have found it very useful just for relaxing at the end of the day and stress relief.


  1. Not cold enough from fridge and too cold from freezer. Practical problem if you are in bed with a Migraine and have to go downstairs to the fridge.

  2. I am very sorry to have to say that I was unable to use the Migra-Cap due to the heaviness on my head. I am extra sensitive to pressure on my head but I’m sure that if I weren’t the all round cool gel would have helped a great deal.

  3. It felt comfortable even though it didn’t work from the fridge. I did not try it in the freezer as I suffer from the cold and am on heart medication.

  4. Beautifully designed product. First use very comfortable and soothing. After unfortunately did not help to alleviate the Migraine.

  5. Found that the Cap was heavy.


At Migra-Cap Ltd we believe the trial was a success and the results very positive. It has to be remembered that Migra-Cap is not a cure, but an effective aid to relief the pain of Migraine and other Headaches.

Source: Migra-Cap

Publication Date: August 2005

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