Find out about Migra Cap treatment proved to be effective for migraine, tension, stress and sinus headaches

Migraine is more than just a bad headache. With over six million sufferers in the UK alone, Migraines have a substantial impact on both personal and working life.

Figures show that 1 in 10 people suffer with Migraine of which nearly 70% are women.

In business Migraines account for approximately 57 million working days of absenteeism, costing the economy almost £32billion when added to medical expenses.

A Migraine attack can last from anything of several hours duration to several days and stress can be a major factor in sufferers. Symptoms can include:

Classic Migraine (with aura)

  • Visual disturbances include blind spots, flashing lights and zig-zag patterns, or confusion, inability to concentrate, problems with co-ordination, or tingling, pins and needles or numbness on the affected side. These symptoms, known as aura are most often identified with Migraine but in fact only about 10-15% of sufferers experience them.

Common Migraine (without aura)

  • Intense throbbing headache, often on one side of the head only

  • Nausea and/or vomiting and/or diarrhoea

  • Increased sensitivity to light, sounds or smells
  • Migraine triggers include:

  • Environmental Factors – Pollution

  • Dietary Factors - Chocolate, Dairy Products, Alcohol, Excess Caffeine, Lack of Food

  • Hormonal Factors – Menstruation, High Blood Pressure, Toothache or Sinus Problems

  • Emotional Factors – Tension, Stress, Anxiety

  • Physical Factors – Travel, Exertion, Lack of Sleep

Although there is as yet no miracle cure for Migraine it is possible to bring the condition under control. There are a wide range of treatments available which can be very effective.

Many people treat their Migraine with simple pain killers purchased from the chemist or prescribed by their GP. Many sufferers feel dependent on medication and appreciate the availability of a non-drug alternative; Cold and dark therapy, herbal remedies, homeopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy, and various techniques which encourage relaxation have been helpful for some people.

It is based on the principle of Cold and Dark therapy that Migra-Cap was derived. Made from flexible, breathable lycra with cold therapy gel sachets sewn within placed to target the areas of the head affected by the pain; namely forehead, temples, sides and back of head, sides and back of neck. The unique design also covers the eyes, excluding the area from the light and keeping it cool, which is an essential requirement for the sufferer.

Migra-Cap can be stored in a domestic fridge or freezer and washed between uses.

Tested by 32 members of the Migraine Action Association UK, results show an 81% success rate.

"I would just like to say a huge thank you for developing Migra-Cap. It is a godsend for me as I will not take medication. It felt so wonderful that tears of relief came to my eyes. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." Mrs D Pentland, Migraine Association Member

Feedback has shown that the value for money Migra-Cap has also proved to be effective for tension, stress or sinus headaches, hot fevers, women with Migraine/headaches during pregnancy, injuries to the head eg., bruising, swelling.

Click here for more information or to learn about the UK Migra Cap Trial.

Source: Dr Shaun Kilminster in association with Migracap

Publication Date: August 2005

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